New Treats and Bones in Stock

We have added a few new treats and bones to our store.  We all love spoiling our pets with treats and chews.  Our new Skinny Minis Pumpkin Mango and Skinny Minis Watermelon Chew Dog Treats are Skinny in Calories and Mini in Size.  These are perfect for small dogs and training. Fruitables Skinny Mini Soft & Chewy Dog Treats are made without artificial ingredients or grain fillers to ensure that they are easy for your dog to digest.

Barkworthies Braided 6" Pork Pizzle will keep your active chewer busy. These treats are the perfect all-natural way to reward your little one while also treating them to cleaner teeth and gums! These holistic treats are grain-free, making them the perfect snack for dogs who are allergic to grain or chicken. Plus, these tasty treats feature an abrasive texture that not only makes them highly durable but also works to clean your pet’s teeth and gums.